Issues Fixed - 

  • Fixed issue where an admin was unable to redeem a voucher via the Location Manager
  • Fixed XSS Vulnerability issue within the search widget
  • Fixed issue with wrong accounting code being sent to the payment gateway if using simple pricing
  • Fixed issue with Group Pricing not adding the correct number of participants
  • Fixed issue with the Test Message Setting failing to preview emails
  • Removed surcharges code completely from CapitaSCP Integration as it was now redundant
  • Fixed issue with the Mandatory upsell not respecting the min/max figures set
  • Fixed datefield issue on Fixed Date memberships
  • Fixed issue with missing Repeat Daily option on the Availability product
  • Fixed issue where a membership couldnt be used from the moment it was purchased
  • Fixed issue where Upsells where missing when renewing a Membership

New Features - 

  • We now pass Purchaser details through to Capita SCP/360 Payment Gateway
  • The BookingLive Jsonfeed now supports subsites
  • Added 3DSecure support for Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Added the ability to import availability for the Availability product
  • It is now possible to edit a Membership