Welcome to BookingLive v3.13.1. This release is our first official “Production” release since moving to a new “Production” and “Edge” version setup. Version 3.10.17 represents our last “Production” release and these release notes cover all the items added since then. 

For those customers who are on a newer version than 3.10.17 (3.11.x or 3.12.x), some of the items listed will already be in the version you are using and you should check your specific release notes here.   


The main improvements in this version are focused around Memberships and the Availability Product type but there are still some additional items in other areas:



  • It is now possible to edit a Membership

  • Admins can now renew Memberships on behalf of their Customers


  • Added “monthly” as an option for repeat bookings on the availability product

  • Added the ability to import availability for the Availability product

  • Ability to set "Events start every x" on the Availability product so that events can now be forced to start at set intervals.

  • Improvements to the setup of Availability Products.


  • We now send the Booking Reference within the Zonal JSON

  • We now pass Purchaser details through to Capita SCP/360 Payment Gateway

  • The BookingLive Jsonfeed now supports subsites

  • Added 3DSecure support for Stripe Payment Gateway


  • Added new columns to the Staff screen.

  • Updated the functionality of the OverRidePriceTo option on Promotions to only affect those items in the promotion.

  • Updated Calendar code to the latest version.

  • Bulk action to Assign a security group to members of an organisation


  • Fixed issue where an admin was unable to redeem a voucher via the Location Manager

  • Fixed XSS Vulnerability issue within the search widget

  • Fixed issue with wrong accounting code being sent to the payment gateway if using simple pricing

  • Fixed issue with Group Pricing not adding the correct number of participants

  • Fixed issue with the Test Message Setting failing to preview emails

  • Removed surcharges code completely from CapitaSCP Integration as it was now redundant

  • Fixed issue with the Mandatory upsell not respecting the min/max figures set

  • Fixed datefield issue on Fixed Date memberships

  • Fixed issue with missing Repeat Daily option on the Availability product

  • Fixed issue where a membership couldn't be used from the moment it was purchased

  • Fixed issue where Upsells where missing when renewing a Membership

  • Fixed issue when you have multiple template products trying to book the same resource, the system allows overbooking

  • Fixed issue where "Choose Required Extras" heading appears although no required upsells are in the system

  • Fixed issue where there were server issues when creating an ICS file

  • Fixed issue where saving Site Config changes returned a "Not Found" error

  • Fixed issue when the same Promo code is used for multiple promotions.

  • Fixed issue with the "Change Access" timeline event not working to stop booking 24hours before event.

  • Fixed issue where mergetags were not working on Default Feedback Request email.

  • We now prevent order from being checked out while initial checkout process started.

  • Fixed issue where a false transaction showed in the summaries when the user hit the back browser button from payment gateway page and payment is not done.

  • Resolved an intermittent failure problem with the Capita360/SCP payment gateway.

  • Fixed an issue where some language string changes on one subsite would apply to another subsite.

  • Fixed issue where a SQL Error was shown when no date range was set on a new orders report.

  • Fixed an issue where the Attendees report view reverts to defaults after you change the view for a second time.

  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to complete a booking, consent permission tick box not appearing.

  • Fixed an issue where a Product Cash Voucher's balance value showed as £0 during booking journey.

  • Edit Purchaser form will now show all fields including all custom ones.

  • Fixed issue with the "All Days" option on Event Upsells not working with Resource Upsells.

  • Fixed an issue with the Attendees report not showing upsells.

  • Fixed an issue where Purchaser permissions were overriding Staff permissions.

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to redeem expired vouchers.

  • Fixed an issue where "£" was always showing on the dashboard regardless of what currency you were using.

  • Fixed an issue where Membership Discounts were not working across Organisations.

  • Stopped "Guest" loading in Emergency contacts and Doctor fields.

  • We now provide better feedback for an admin user trying to create alot of events.

  • Fixed issues with sub-resourcing and overbooking.

  • Fixed issue with customers not being able to set the participant back to zero.

  • Fixed issue where Certificates would go out to people who weren't marked as "Checked In".

  • Fixed issue where details were missing within the Confirmation Email when fields with the same label were used.

  • Fixed issue where any Promotion using Membership/User Group would not apply to orders where customer is not logged in at the start.

  • Fixed urgent issue with 3.12.2 where bookings would not complete.

  • Fixed issue where a Syntax error in CapitaSCPPaymentManager prevented a booking from completing.

  • Fixed issue where the reports were not showing the "present" dropdown when selecting dates

  • Fixed issue where availability products where not filtering in the attendees report

  • Fixed issue with Zonal Messages sending purchaser details as GUEST

  • Fixed issue with the dropdown options not loading in the Actions menus

  • Fixed issue with "Uncaught Zend_Currency_Exception: No region found within the locale 'en'"

  • Corrected issue with "Amount" sent to Zonal rather than "DepositAmount"

  • Various minor fixes relating to the upgrade from v.3.12.4 to 3.12.5

  • Issue fixed where when using the room layout option it's showing "NAN:NAN" when you select an event

  • Fixed issue where the Events Calendar booking page was not moving to first available date and instead would st on today even if the next available date was months away.

  • Fixed an issue with the multi-language module not updating other language areas of the site

  • Fixed an issue with the Participant suggestions returning "Guest" when the participant is in the same organisation, rather than their correct details.

  • Fixed issue where Event Upsells were not being displayed in the Booking Order Item Summary and no matter how many participants were being booked, only one was recorded.

  • Now, when a customer uses a promo code and then logs in on the next screen, the discount is not lost.

  • Fixed issue when using a Min/Max of 1, where the order summary would not load. 

  • Re-added the xml sitemap module into the product. 

  • Fixed an error in the Child Count on the Fire Report which was reporting the number of Purchasers and not the number of Participants.

  • Re-implemented old zonal sending rules  (Zonal Integration only).

  • Fixed an issue where the "Rules of Play" printout is not occurring when a Walk-In order is made

  • Fixed an issue when lots of Items are added to "Events can only start" box causes no start time to be shown (Availability product) 

  • Fixed an issue with the Timeline deposit not showing the correct amount on the booking page

  • Fixed an issue with the "Add organisation" button being missing from organisation settings page 

  • Fixed an issue where the Completion Certificates were not sent to purchaser if they were attending the event