From version 3.13.1 onward you can set up a .pdf certificate to be sent automatically following on from an event to everyone who is checked into the event. This could be used as a certificate of attendance, proof of qualification or even a thank you for attending. This certificate will be attached to an email sent to the customer and also available in the documents area of MyAccount.

To set this up follow these steps from the Admin menu:

  1. Click Settings > Products
  2. Click the product you want to create the certificate for
  3. Click the Advanced tab
  4. Scroll down and design your certificate in the Completed Certificate PDF content box, you can use the following merge tags to populate details - {$MemberName} {$ProductName} {$EventDate}
  5. Click Save

Now your certificate has been designed you'll need to create an email for it to be sent out on. To do this follow these steps from the Admin menu:

  1. Click Settings > Notifications > Custom Messages
  2. Click (Select type to create) from the box at the top
  3. Select MessageGeneral and click +Add
  4. Enter a suitable Name for this message
  5. Enter the Subject that the customer will see in their email
  6. Select your Message Style and click Save
  7. Click (Select type to create) from the Message Recipients
  8. Select Participant Recipients and click +Add
  9. A Name is not required, just click Save and close
  10. Click (Select type to create) from the Message Contents
  11. Select Completion Certificate Attachment and click +add
  12. Click Save and close
  13. This is the contents that is required to send the attachment but you may want to include additional information in the message like a greeting and sign off, perhaps a link to their MyAccount documents page to download the attachment at a later date. e.g.

Now you have completed the message set up, all you need to do is Check In the customers who attended the event and a task with run within an hour of the end date and time of the event to produce and send the certificates.