After you have created your Template Event Product you will now need to create events for it. To do this please complete the following steps from your Admin menu:

  1. Click Settings > Events
  2. Click Actions > Create Events
  3. Select the Product you want to create the availability for
  4. Set the Capacity but leave Resource empty, it is not required
  5. Select Available from the Type drop down
  6. With this type of event you select the overall From Date, To Date, Times and Day of Week for when you want this product to be bookable, the Band Duration set in the Product settings will dictate how often this event runs within the time slots you are setting here. I will provide an example below.
  7. Click Confirm

e.g. If you have the Band Duration of your Template Event product set to 15 and your Event Template has 60 minutes of Resource time in it, the following settings will create events so run hour long sessions beginning every 15 minutes between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday for the month of December.