Issues Fixed:

  • Updated PDF code to latest version to fix issues where the Voucher PDF layout was broken 
  • Fixed issue where report amounts were showing "Â" before the amount
  • Changed APICancelOrder to send cancellation messages on demand
  • Fixed an issue where the "Rules of Play" printout is not occurring when a Walk-In order is made via the Location Manager
  • Fixed an issue where Recurring Bookings are ignoring unavailable spaces. 
  • Fixed an issue where adding lots of Items to the "Events can only start box" causes no start time to be shown (Availability product) 
  • Fixed an issue where the timeline deposit does not show correct amount on the order total 
  • "Add organisation"  button missing from organisation settings page 
  • Fixed an issue where Completion Certificates were not being sent out

New Features Added:

  • Remove need to Log in to start a Workflow booking
  • Tile View for the Gridfield (Part of preparatory work for new Pricing screen. Not usable by clients at this time)

Tasks completed:

  • Refactored Pricing Schemes