Issues Fixed:

  • Removed the redundant Subsite field which would show on systems with subsites enabled. This is now handled based on which subsite you are in when you make a change.
  • Fixed an issue where the Log feature would not show on a system subsite
  • Fixed an issue where voucher transactions were dropping off orders when order was edited
  • Fixed an issue where an Admin was unable to Save after selecting new events using Edit Order
  • Fixed a UX issue stopping pop-ups from closing when you change tab in the Admin system
  • Fixed an issue where event Up-sells were showing the wrong date on template eventsĀ 
  • Per Resource booking view will now work with subsites
  • Corrected various minor issues with template events on the booking page

New Features:

  • Refactored the timelines. Lots of unused functionality has been removed and the interface simplified.

Tasks Completed:

  • Updated the Default System settings to reflect changes in how new sites are built