Welcome to BookingLive v3.17.4. We've continued to make improvements to the Enterprise product over the last few months and are pleased to provide this version as our latest Production release. This document will combine the separate release notes we have made for each separate Edge version (3.14 - 3.17).

For those customers who are already on one of our recent Edge versions, some of the items listed will already be in the version you are using and you should check your specific release notes here.


The main improvements in 3.17.4 include work on Vouchers and Timelines but there are still some additional items in other areas:


  • Customers can now Redeem Vouchers on the Basket Page using the existing Promo Code field (now renamed Promo/Voucher Code field).


  • "Organisation" has been added as a new column in the Membership Report

  • "Event Code" has been added to the Events Report


  • Refactored the timelines. Lots of unused functionality has been removed and the interface simplified.


  • Refactored Pricing Schemes
  • Updated the Default System settings to reflect changes in how new sites are built
  • Tile View for the Gridfield (Part of preparatory work for new Pricing screen. Not usable by clients at this time)
  • LDAP authentication added to the Admin system to handle BookingLive staff logins
  • Removed need to Log in to start a Workflow booking
  • Waiting List product support has been added to the JSON feed


  • Updated PDF code to latest version to fix issues where the Voucher PDF layout was broken 
  • Fixed issue where report amounts were showing "Â" before the amount
  • Changed APICancelOrder to send cancellation messages on demand
  • Fixed an issue where the "Rules of Play" printout is not occurring when a Walk-In order is made via the Location Manager
  • Fixed an issue where Recurring Bookings are ignoring unavailable spaces. 
  • Fixed an issue where adding lots of Items to the "Events can only start box" causes no start time to be shown (Availability product) 
  • Fixed an issue where the timeline deposit does not show correct amount on the order total 
  • "Add organisation"  button missing from organisation settings page 
  • Fixed an issue where Completion Certificates were not being sent out
  • Fixed an issue where the Location Filter on Booking Page was not resetting if you chose to book another product.
  • Fixed an issues with the maximum capacity for upsells not being considered
  • Fixed an issue where the status of a Cancelled order was not updating to Completed on the main Orders screen if you Completed the Order as an Admin 
  • Fixed an issue introduced in v3.13 where Required Upsells were not respecting min/max quantity
  • Fixed an issue where sent certificates had all their participant information replaced with "Guest".
  • Removed the redundant Subsite field which would show on systems with subsites enabled. This is now handled based on which subsite you are in when you make a change.
  • Fixed an issue where the Log feature would not show on a system subsite
  • Fixed an issue where voucher transactions were dropping off orders when order was edited
  • Fixed an issue where an Admin was unable to Save after selecting new events using Edit Order
  • Fixed a UX issue stopping pop-ups from closing when you change tab in the Admin system
  • Fixed an issue where event Up-sells were showing the wrong date on template events 
  • Per Resource booking view will now work with subsites
  • Corrected various minor issues with template events on the booking page
  • Fixed an issue with the admin system not showing full screen on an iPad
  • Fixed an issue with our Stripe integration to correctly handle deposit payments
  • Fixed an issue where the Season view is showing the Location ID's rather than the Location Names
  • Fixed an issue with the #footerwrapper styling on the Login screen
  • Fixed an issue with the FAQ's not working with Product Groups
  • Fixed an issue where the /redeem page stopped working after version 3.15
  • Fixed an issue where some Strip payments were duplicating
  • Stopped Admin javascript from showing in the Public booking process
  • Fixed an issue with the Availability product edit screen fields disappearing occasionally.
  • Fixed an issue where refunding a cancelled booking could result in a negative balance
  • Fixed an issue where the Availability product was not using the chosen Booking Form.