This method returns all product details by product IDs

URL Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
TypeStringAPI that will be called
PayloadURL_ENCODEDAn URL encoded JSON array 
HashString Varchar sha256 encoded string. Read how to create payload and hashstring 

Payload Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
ProductIDs varcharcomma separated product ids

Success 200

NameVarcharName of the product
ID Integer
ImageURLURL to the image of the product
MaximumPersons IntegerIf product is Template Events
Minimum personsIntegerIf product is Template Events
BandDurationIntegerIf product is Template Events
  •  Success-Response: 
  •     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
          "Name": "Carting",
          "ID": "5",
          "Image": "[URL]",
          "MaximumPersons": "99",
          "MinimumPersons": "1",
          "BandDuration": "60"