Along with the Enhancements and Bug fixes listed below, the biggest change comes in the form of a new function to set up pricing for your products. None of your existing products will require any changes but if you want to amend the price of an existing product or set up pricing on a new product you will now be using the new pricing set up function. Please watch the videos below, in order, for a good understanding on what the new pricing looks like, how it works and how to use it.

What existing product pricing will look like with new pricing:

Setting up a new product with new pricing:

Setting up a new Pricing Scheme:

How to remove Pricing Tag filter:


  • "Nothing in basket" screen redesigned
  • Events with only one booking will now show that booking reference in the Event Calendar for quick access
  • Updated event Calendar filters to include "Fully Booked" option
  • Add "Role" column to the Organisation Members view
  • Product Group booking view no defaults to a minimum of 1 participant
  • Added an "All Products" option to the Feedback Form so a form can be assigned to all products at once
  • Added support for Webhooks across Subsites
  • Filter Products in Start Booking to only show "On" products by default
  • Ability to access feedback submissions without logging into MyAccount
  • Stop seconds from showing on the 7 Day Multiselect calendar view for Template events
  • PHP Updated to 7.3
  • Childcare vouchers will now stay on an order if order items are changed

Bugs Fixed:

  • Small Error when booking using product groups fixed
  • "All dates" setting on Event upsells causes "1970" end date to display on booking form
  • Typo fixed on Advanced tab of Booking Forms
  • "Create events" now supports the creation of events over multiple resources at once
  • The Date Select field in Form Fields in Page Editor is now working
  • Various enhancements with product timelines¬†
  • The display of some calendar icons
  • Issues with Location Filter on booking page if you navigate around multiple locations
  • Book now button showing on Availability events when not available
  • Add-ons page not displaying
  • Booking page always says "excl Tax" even when the display settings is set to "Gross"
  • Display products Manually setting in Product display widget was showing Alphabetically¬†
  • Site showing as Not Secure due to google fonts with CSS
  • When editing an order, the amendment email doesn't remove the previous ical feed links that were originally there but does add the new ones.
  • Bulk updating the visibility restriction on Availability events
  • Time slots not blocking out on Availability event calendar
  • When promoting from the waiting list the remove X and promote arrow are not spread out enough
  • Subsites now have their own dashboard rather than displaying that of the main site
  • Gross price always shows in summary regardless of Tax setting
  • Waiting list events are not considered when looking for next available event
  • When editing an order for Multi Events a value is applied to another event and order value duplicated