• Enhancement: Attendee report updated - resource filter now filters based on location selected
  • Enhancement: Allow administrators to re-complete canceled bookings, only if the space is still available
  • Enhancement: Merge customer data profile updated
  • Enhancement: Attendee report updated to only show the booked time for availability products - excluding Pre & Post times
  • Enhancement: SSO Optimisations 
  • Enhancement:  UX Optimisation for Min & Max capacity switched 
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the error of being unable to edit dates with the same number as the month (3rd March, 4th April)
  • Bug Fix: Ensure security groups for Products & Locations are correctly blocked for unauthorized admins
  • Bug Fix: Firefox tick box error resolved


  • Enhancement: When editing the availability product as an admin, the pricing point remains the same as previously selected
  • Enhancement: SagePay Unique reference ID is now reportable in the Payments Report for all new orders made
  • Enhancement: Admin orders and reports to only show the event time for availability products (removed pre & post timings)
  • Bug Fix: Capita payment gateway revision


  • Bug Fix: The season view page correctly refreshes when updating participants


  • Bug Fix: Admin Timeout issue now resolved, no longer logs out immediately


  • Enhancement: The promotion area now has 2 new columns, totaling 3. One for Childcare voucher value, product voucher value and cash value for ease of reporting
  • Bug Fix: Some events were not respecting resource capacity
  • Bug Fix: Purchaser = Participant, now receives post-event emails
  • Bug Fix: The season view calendar location filter now updates when changing participant numbers


  • Enhancement: Queue integration for Product Groups
  • Bug Fix: Background tasks updated to run 
  • Bug Fix: Customer balance to display correct values


  • Bug Fix: Attendee Reports updated to show participant information
  • Bug Fix: Participant info on orders now resolved
  • Bug Fix: Time machine updated to now allow availability products to book in the past
  • Bug Fix: Certificates will show in My Account - for participants only
  • Bug Fix: Feedback Forms - now only showing correct questionnaires for participant
  • Bug Fix: Order Tags now displaying correctly


  • Bug Fix: Save & Continue button added to settings for availability product only customers. "Order" booking form


  • Bug Fix: Editing an order server error
  • Bug Fix: Childcare voucher - approve/reject button not selectable


  • Enhancement: Availability calculations rounded up to the nearest decimal
  • Enhancement: Admin > Orders - Now sorting by calendar date
  • Enhancement: Now able to re-name admin payment types for improved flexibility
  • Bug Fix: Editing an order now correctly shows the last edit by user
  • Bug Fix: No longer adding extra tags to orders
  • Bug Fix: Updating the value in My Account when making a payment


  • Bug Fix: Availability room layout upsells displaying correctly (NaaN error)
  • Bug Fix: Availability booking journey - repeating options



  • Enhancement: Zapier push from BookingLive
  • Enhancement: Resource name now showing within Admin > Order
  • Enhancement: Silverstripe upgrade 
  • Enhancement: Childcare pending to display outstanding balance
  • Enhancement: SSO updates to allow security group to be added
  • Bug Fix: Volume report now filtering and showing correct results
  • Bug Fix: Admin saved view filter - v2
  • Bug Fix: Selecting Upsells updates summary correctly
  • Bug Fix: Various Java errors
  • Bug Fix: Participant errors


  • Bug Fix: Availability calendar fix to stop overwriting any out of bounds timings


  • Bug Fix: JSON feed stability


  • Enhancement: Calendar view speed
  • Enhancement: Order booking forms & customer orders. When you edit an order the form pulls through customer information
  • Bug Fix: Order status' for Childcare orders
  • Bug Fix: Calendar ics file updated
  • Bug Fix: Admin saved view search filter


  • Enhancement: resource availability description
  • Enhancement: Pricing scheme descriptions & UX
  • Enhancement:  Availability events can now use publish & un-publish window
  • Bug Fix: Removed duplicate calendars