Bug: Updating a booking applies discount correctly

Bug: Security Group permissions now remove the ability to see other products 

Bug: Updated attendee reports to ensure all events are displayed 

Bug: Resolved an issue whereby custom cancellation codes weren't allowing orders to be canceled

Bug: Availability products not clearing from the basket after 20 minutes

Bug: Selecting upsells would display incorrectly on the summary below. This is now brought up in line with the participant's order and not a separate booker

Bug: Fix applied to web forms (front end question form - not booking form fields)  now successfully sending information

Bug: Fix availability product times overlapping existing events

Bug: re-instate the waiting list icon on the calendar

Enhancement: Updated the payment UX for customers making a payment within the My Account


Bug: Fixed issue with admin booking journey postcode searching

Bug: Resource filter displays correct resources depending on which location is selected

Bug: Fix VAT display on front end web pages (widget update)

Bug: Fixed issue when sending emails to all clients who have booked from the 

Enhancement: Update to ics files to ensure correct diary entry

Enhancement: Send product description for SagePay - increasing visibility

Enhancement: Added event group name to attendees' report

Update: Reduced Webhook push to 10 entries per send


Bug: Fix issue with the calendar displaying orders (caused in v 3.62.2)


Bug: Fix Attendee Report - Resource filter shows results dependent on Location Selection


Bug: Fix issue java error, now can book multiple participants for List view



Bug: Refactored the ability to add products on the product widget


Bug: Fix the issue stopping admins and customers not being able to edit & reschedule the order

Should you see any issues with the above, please contact BookingLive support