Bug: Fix showing event description on booking page events list to cover event series.

Bug: Fix unable to delete events when there are no active orders referencing the event.

Bug: Fix summary and total not updating when childcare voucher added on payment page.

Bug: Fix hang in ExecuteQueuedExports Cron.

Bug: Fix hang in CreatePostActivityCertificate Cron.

Bug: Fix adjusting a pricing scheme individual price to an end date far in the future e.g. 2050 can generate an incorrect pricing scheme.

Bug: Fix multiple product attachments attached to confirmation emails. 

Bug: Fix error if a Package Rule is not set on a created Promotion.

Bug: Fix Reports > Orders Status filter Waiting List doesn't work.

Bug: Fix reminder emails sent out after course events have been cancelled.

Bug: Fix Crons not restarting after failing.

Bug: Fix time zone issues on calendar view.

Bug: Fix time zone issues on calendar view template products.

Bug: Fix Participants dropping off Order items when editing orders with product groups.

Bug: Fix Participant Certificate Cron failing.

Bug: Fix Ability to reuse Participants information using the suggestions dropdown. 

Bug: Fix can delete all not booked events when deleting events using Resources > Resource>Events.

Bug: Fix various Cron issues.

Bug: Fix Childcare Voucher amount validation.

Bug: Fix Stripe integration broken.

Bug: Fix payments report refund BACS transactions not showing.

Bug: Fix promoting a waiting list order that contains a physical item breaks.

Bug: Fix unable to proceed to summary if age verification is enabled and passed.

Bug: Fix member GDPR request queue Cron fails if no template named Purchaser.

Bug: Fix disabled accounts can login.

Enhancement: Reports Products Filter, now doesn’t show products that have status “Off”. 

Enhancement: Orders > Order Items Now shows most recent order items first.

Enhancement: Reports > Orders The order reference links to the order.

Enhancement: Settings > Events Day of the week added to filters.

Enhancement: Settings > Events Now only shows Events that are “On” by default. 

Enhancement: Reports Add ISO datetime, Date, Time and Weekday columns to reports.

Enhancement: Calendar > Event Manage Now shows Participant information as well as Purchaser information.

Enhancement: Admin > Settings > Orders now only shows order statuses that are relevant to the current site configuration.

Enhancement: Admin > Orders Includes a “Last Modified” column.

Enhancement: Reports Field list selector does not show translated columns if translations are not enabled for the site.

Enhancement: Rename Orders > Order > Actions > Log to Order timeline.

Enhancement: Billing page, list products and events booked for each participant.

Update: On the Booking page and the Billing page the “Location” and “Resource” text can now be targeted by custom css.

Update: The HTTP headers X-Frame-Options: and X-Content-Type-Options: are set on public pages.

Update: Add option to set additional HTTP headers.

Update: Room bookings option to skip taken slots when block booking.