Opayo Payment Gateway is a simple payment gateway that BookingLive integrates with. 

If you're new to Opayo (SagePay), you will need to apply for an account with them before continuing - https://www.opayo.co.uk/our-payment-solutions/online-payments.

Step 1: Obtain your Vendor Name:

Your Vendor Name is the name you use when you log into MySagePay.

It is important to know that Opayo have 2 log in portals, a Test and Live account. 

If you've opened your Opayo account whilst signing up with BookingLive, you will need to perform the below steps in your Test account first and confirm with Opayo once you have sucessfully made a booking and refund.
Once successful with your Test account, you will need to repeat the same steps in your Live account.

If you already had an account with Opayo, continue through the steps below, but in Step 2, point 6, set the status to "Live" rather than test.

Step 2: Add your Vendor Name to your Booking System:

Once you have your account set up and ready to go, you will need to supply BookingLive with your Vendor Name and they will do the rest.

Or if you have access to your Booking System, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Finances > Payment Gateway
  2. Press + Add Payment Gateway
  3. Name the payment gateway
  4. Check "Is Default"
  5. Choose Sagepay from the drop-down list provided
  6. Ensure the Status is in "Test" mode, from the drop-down list
  7. Select the cards that you accept payment from (this will display the images on the Summary Page before the customer pays)
  8. Add your refund policy (optional)
  9. Save

Upon saving, further fields will display towards the bottom of the page.

One of the fields will be the Vendor Name, this is where you put in your Vendor Name. Ensure you save your changes once this has been added.

If you would like to take Admin Bookings (i.e take payment over the phone - MOTO) repeat the above steps but instead of checking "Is Default" on point 4, check "MOTO".

Step 3: Whitelist your Booking System's IP Address:

The next thing you need to do will need to be done for, both, your Test and Live accounts with Opayo.

Opayo is one of the payment gateways that use an additional layer of security. This means that this payment gateway requires an IP address to be whitelisted so that there can be communication between the booking system and the payment gateway. 

You will need to whitelist the following IP addresses and 

Or you can find your IP address using: https://www.whatsmydns.net/ and inputting your booking system's current domain name.

To whitelist the following IP addresses, please follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to Live MySagePay or Test MySagePay
  • Go to Settings → Valid IPs
  • Click the Add button
  • Enter the IP address
  • Enter subnet mask
  • Optionally enter a description
  • Click the Save button
  • Repeat process for IP address: (with the same subnet mask)

Once the above has been done, the configuration of Opayo is complete. 

Step 4: Make a test booking on your Booking System:

You will now be able to make a test payment*, providing you have Products & Events setup within your Booking System. 

Test card details for Sagepay can be found here: https://www.sagepay.co.uk/support/12/36/test-card-details-for-your-test-transactions

*Please note you will need to collect the Purchaser's address details in order for the payment to work. See screenshot below.

Common setup problems:

3114: The BillingCity field is required (anything similar to this)

As mentioned in this article, the payment gateway will not work if you do not set up the Purchaser form with the correct Billing Details.

Ensure you have the following default details configured in the Purchaser form:

  • HouseNumber
  • Street
  • Town
  • Country
  • Postcode

4020: Information received from an Invalid IP address:

This suggests that the IP address you've added to your Sagepay Portal is incorrect. Double-check these are correct, if there are still further problems please raise a support ticket.

If, when you attempt a booking, the booking journey presents you with a blank white screen but the URL is related to Sagepay, please contact Sagepay (Opayo) as unfortunately, BookingLive will be unable to support you with this issue.