Some payment gateways require additional configuration. Please follow the guide below to configure your payment gateway correctly.

How to Setup WorldPay

Once you have set up your account with WorldPay you will receive a test account. To setup WorldPay please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WorldPay account using the username and password they issue you.
    1.1 If appropriate, select the relevant MerchantCode.
  2. Click on the "SETUP" link on the side bar on the left
  3. Select the test account from the Installations list.
  4. In the "Payment Response URL" and "Shopper Redirect URL" enter: <site url>/mysite/code/Payment/Notifiers/standalone_payment_notifications.php
  5. Ensure that the following options are ticked:
    5.1 Payment Response Enabled.
    5.2 Shopper Redirect button enabled.
    5.3 Enable the Shopper Response.
    5.4 Attach HTTP(s) Payment Response to the Failure Email.
  6. Enter an email address for failed payments under ""
  7. Login to Booking Live > Settings > Finances > Payment Settings
  8. Click Add Payment Setting and select Worldpay
  9. Enter in your WorldPay "Installation ID" and 'Merchant Account ID'
    9.1 The Installation ID can be found from within your Worldpay settings:
  10. Click Save
  11. Repeat the steps 8 and 9 but also check the "MOTO" box to enable you to take payment over the phone


Adding the MD5SecretPhrase enables this to be sent, if completely empty however then the security is not used.

  1. In your WorldPay account, choose your installation integration setup, at the bottom of the form you should see a field labeled "MD5 secret for transactions". Type a signature phrase you want to use and then re-enter it into the confirmation box.
  2. Please add this value to MD5SecretPhrase in the above relelvant payment setting.
  3. Under that field, you will see another labeled "SignatureFields". It is in this box that you want to enter the data parameters you want to protect. For the purpose of this tutorial I will be protecting the following parameters.
  4. Please enter the value instId:cartId:amount.


Before you can go-live with Worldpay, you must complete Worldpay's compliance requests found here.