The Add-ons page contains various settings that allow you to expand out some of the functionality of the BookingLive system.

    Locations / Resources
Use Resource GroupsDefunct
Use Sub ResourcesEnables the use of Sub-Resources (in development)
Use RegionsEnables the use of the Regions Tab within the Resources section
Use Product GroupsEnables the use of Product Groups
Group events by Season
Enables the use of Seasons
Restrict access to products based on Security Groups
Allows for the restriction of Products based upon Security Groups
    Booking Process
Show resource name on the Booking Page
Adds the name of the Resource to the name of the Location in the Order Summary and other parts of the front end of the system.
Remove the numbering from each section on the booking page
Adds/Removes a number identifier for each step of the Booking Page.
    Optional Extras
Enable Feedback
Enables use of Feedback Forms
Enable Booking Protect
Enable Product Event Order
Enables the use of Product Event Order
Enable Memberships
Enables use of the Membership Product
Enable Grouping Programme
Enables use of the Grouping program (in development)
Disable Documents
Disables the Documents section for Customers and the MyAccount
Require Feedback Before Certificate Completion
If using Feedback Forms, they must be completed before a Completion Certificate is created.