My Account is the area of BookingLive where customer can review and edit their orders, documents and personal information. This area is accessed by visiting, when a first time order is placed an account will be created for the Purchaser that they can use to log in here to view the following information.

My Account optionFunction
My DocumentsContains download links to all documents relating to orders and an option to upload your own documents for upcoming events.
My ProfileReview and update personal details, Name, Date of Birth, Email etc. Can also Download a copy of their data and use "Forget Me" to remove data from the system.
My EmailsContains a list with all emails we've sent relating to orders, you can view individual emails.
My FeedbacksIf enabled in the Admin system, Customers can fill our feedback forms for attended events in here.
My AccountLists recent orders and relevant information.
My EventsLists upcoming event information, date, locations etc.
My OrdersLists historical orders and displays transnational information and the status of the order. They can also edit participant details and pay outstanding balances.